In 2019 we started into our new project with the intention to find out what are the reasons for youth workers to embark in online training or not. We had noticed that espeically on international offers such as those of poywe there is a lot of enthusiams when talking about online learning opportunities and a rather high drop out rate when they are put into practice.

We had some very interesting research results what are the triggers and the barriers for youth workers to engage in online training offers.

And then COVID 19 rolled over Europe and over our project. We could not meet anymore, had to switch to strictly online communication and immediatley saw how much more effort it needs to keep people focused on a subject, create a common vision as a group or discuss in depth.

When the first shock was over and we all had things on local and national level a bit organised, there was also a peak of enthusiams how much actually does work also if strictly online. And we managed to create products based on the results we had had before the pandemic.

And then again after a few months of video conferences and digital meetings we had to face the fact that everyone was just tired and fed up of online time and we had to cancel a training that had been firstly moved forward in time and then moved from Zagreb to Zoom.

Youth Work in Europe and networks like ours with them have learned loads of new things in the past months, created and developed new online tools and methods and been sucessful in some parts in staying close to the young people also through this.

Nevertheless we can´t wait to see you all face to face again – until then enjoy the browsing of LOGBOOK and join us in the (online) discussion!

Alex Beweis

Alexandra Beweis
Chief Editor

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LOGBOOK is a product of the Strategic Partnership „Mapping professional open youth work in Europe“ coordinated by poywe – professional open youth work in Europe, Austria, 1020 Vienna, Lilienbrunngasse 18/2/47 – all rights reserved

Chief Editor: Alexandra Beweis
Editors:  Marc Boes

Seventh Issue: June 2021


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